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Why Cleanliness in Schools is      Important

Schools play a huge part in moulding young minds to be productive members of society. That is one of many reasons why cleanliness in schools is so important. Adults are tasked with raising kids and as such, should ensure school environments are clean and inviting. This is done through education, by regularly indulging in clean-up activities, including children in beautification efforts, and investing in reputable school cleaning services that can maintain the beauty and health of the surroundings.

According to a 2010 study, hygiene experts in the UK found that improving school toilets was one way to reduce absenteeism. In that same study, it was found that more than a third of secondary school students complained that their school toilets were never clean. Toilets are just one area in schools that professional school cleaning services in London often focus on.

A clean school environment is pivotal for so many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Children’s health: Young children are highly susceptible to diseases, whether they are spread through contact, water or by air. An unclean environment where bacteria, fungi and other microbes can grow and multiply, is a disaster waiting to happen. Ensuring all surfaces that students come in contact with are cleaned regularly and sanitized is a good way to prevent this.


  • Staff health: While adults have more resistance, they can still fall ill due to harmful organisms being present in the school environment. The same remedy applies but in addition to the school investing in a professional school cleaning service, teachers and other staff members may also invest in hand sanitizers and spray disinfectants.


  • Learning improvement: A study entitled Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education, which was published in 2008, found a direct correlation between a clean school environment and learning. In fact, the study showed that about 88% of the 1,481 participants agreed that uncleanliness was a distraction. This is a clear indication that clean and safe surroundings at school are more conducive to learning than dirty ones.


  • Improved attendance: Students learn cleanliness from the home in most cases. As a result, they are not likely to feel comfortable in an environment that has dirty floors, smelly bathrooms, messy lunchrooms or untidy play areas, and may find creative ways to stay away from school, with or without their parents’ knowledge.


  • Increase facility lifespan: Taking care of the school environment by keeping walls, floors and other surfaces clean, along with maintaining furniture and equipment, can go a long way to extend the lifespan of a school in terms of infrastructure. A professional cleaning service in London such as Green Eco Clean can help you to do this.


  • Environment preservation: Protecting the environment is everyone’s business. Hiring a suitable school cleaning service is one way to care for the school environment, which can spill over to the wider society as students learn the importance of cleanliness at the same time, and take it along with them as they grow older.


  • Save money: Both the school and parents stand to save money from a clean school environment. Parents will be less likely to spend money on illnesses or infections that could befall children, while schools stand to save money from the infrastructure staying intact longer, preventing possible lawsuits that could be filed against them, and avoiding possible loss in production that could result when staff get sick from unclean surroundings. Additionally, a good reputation for cleanliness will attract more students.


  • Morale boost: A healthy environment that includes fresh air, clean surfaces, and beautiful surroundings is a boost for all parties involved, not only to promote good vibes but also spark creativity and camaraderie.


School cleaning services- GEC

Uncleanliness in schools stretches to all areas of the academic environment, including classrooms, canteens and play areas. We are a professional cleaning service in London with experience within the education sector. Green Eco Clean is among the best to consider. How we can help you:

  • We work with schools & colleges to provide a healthy clean environment at a high standard using eco friendly cleaning methods.
  • Our cleaning contracts include a range of services that are suited to your needs and can also provide bespoke packages at competitive prices.
  • Commit to environmentally-friendly practices. We use eco friendly cleaning products and methods.  You can read more in our 'About Us' section.
  • At GEC, we take our job seriously and employ staff that are DBS approved.
  • If you have any question, simply give us a call  Our team of friendly staff are always available.

Here is a before and after of a recent college kitchen clean

School Cleaning services- Kitchen Before

School Cleaning Services - After

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