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What is a Deep Clean? Does Your Commercial Business Need One?

Kitchens are real dirt magnets. The dust, dirt and grease of everyday cooking settle overtime. You might be wiping your countertops clean, mopping your floors and dusting the electrical units around, but it is not enough. The dirt goes deep. It collects in hidden and hard-to-reach areas that are so convenient to overlook.

A high level of hygiene in the kitchen is a greater priority if you own a restaurant, café or a catering service. A dirty kitchen can put people’s health at risk. The space becomes the perfect breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. It has been noted that more than half the cases of food poisoning are caused due to lack of kitchen cleanliness.

Now, if all this filth catches the eye of a food inspector, it could spell the end for your business. There are two main kitchen cleanliness regulations as per the UK Foods Standard Agency:

  • The Food Safety Act 1990: It states that food intended for human consumption should be handled in a controlled and managed way.

  • The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006: It documents the need for a detailed Food Safety Management System for every food business.

Regular cleaning will take care of basic sanitation in your commercial kitchen. But every once a while, it makes sense to call in commercial cleaners for a deep clean routine.

So, what’s different about a deep clean?

Deep cleaning goes two steps ahead of a basic wash and wipe. It’s a thorough clean up from corner to corner and can take anywhere between 3 to 10 hours depending on how big the space is. A deep clean in a commercial kitchen involves structural cleaning – cleaning the walls, floors and ceilings. It is necessary to keep these structural elements spotless as they do come in contact with food, indirectly, increasing the chances of cross contamination.

All the equipment and appliances used in daily cooking needs to be cleaned, degreased and decarbonised. Fryers, microwave ovens, brat pans, boilers, refrigerators and dishwashers are emptied and cleaned thoroughly, moving inside out. It also includes cleaning between fridge and freezer seals, behind and beneath cabinets, refrigerators and ovens. Cleaning out equipment is not important only from the point of view of hygiene and prevention of contamination; it also reduces the risks of hazards like fires and helps prolongs the life of the equipment. To add, sinks and countertops are scrubbed and sanitized.

A commercial kitchen deep clean routine also pays attention to cleaning canopies and grease extraction systems. It involves degreasing their filters as clogged vents could be the cause of a kitchen fire. Cleaning canopies and extractor fans is also vital in achieving environmental health standards, a requirement for every business.

Selected deep cleaning services also take care of pest problems around kitchen. This includes tackling cockroaches, rats and mice.

Preparing for a Commercial Kitchen Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is a big task and one that requires a lot of time. Schedule it on a holiday or when your facility is closed. It is easier for the professionals to do the job. Besides, with fewer people on the premises the risk of injury is less.

Choose a reliable company, preferably one that uses natural and green cleaning products. What you also need to find out is whether the cleaning company will bring the required products and hardware or if you will have to provide it.

The procedure must be repeated to maintain the levels of cleanliness. Once every 6 months is a good enough routine. While most companies offering commercial deep cleaning services have a standard package, you can also ask for one to your specifications for an extra charge. There’s nothing like a guarantee and a health certificate to back it. GEC provide professional cleaning. We take pride in our deep cleans packages and are ready to tailor them to suit your needs. Our team are experienced, friendly and most importantly have a passion for cleaning. Our experience include Takeaways, Restaurants and kitchen cleans for various institutes. Browse through our photos below:

Why Choose Us?

 -Unlike many companies out there, we know what we were doing. Simply brief us with your requirements and let us handle the rest

- Appointments available on short notice. No waiting period. No fuss and hassle free.

- We always carry out site visits before and during the clean. If you have any questions, no problem you can simply ask us there and then.

- Our cleaning methods are always environmental friendly. No harmful chemicals.

Simply give us a call to find out what we can do for you!


Professional Cleaning services London - Deep Clean Kitchens

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Professional Cleaning services london- kitchen deep cleans

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