Why Eco clean?

home5 GEC are at the forefront of supporting business sustainability and helping to reduce carbon foot prints. Companies are now bound by government regulators and are pushing them to reduce harm to the environment.GEC strongly believe with the right work ethic and product knowledge and use, we are the leaders in assessing client’s needs to help them meet company requirements in all environmental factor.Products used are environmentally sound going a long way not only to meet sustainability targets but also helping to enhance employee working environment for example better air quality which has been proven.The products used by GEC are concentrated but are non-toxic, recyclable packaged but also less cost ensuring client gets competitive quote depending on service required.


At GEC we pride ourselves on giving our clients the highest level of cleaning standardsBy ensuring that we are an eco-friendly company and ethical employer, working towards enhancing your company’s sustainability polices, helping towards reduced carbon footprints.We offer a bespoke service depending on company requirements. We design our services to suit client needs, from daily through to monthly, lease cleans to periodic deep cleans; our specialized professional cleaning services London division will ensure premises serviced, meet and exceed client expectations.

our vision


Best Service in the Sector

To Provide Eco- Friendly Cleaning that matches the best of services in the sector with the added advantage of being compatible with the environment.


Value for Money with No Compromise

To provide the best service ensuring that we match your current cleaning contract and reduce your carbon footprint by ensuring we use all eco-friendly measures in service delivery.


Driving Corporate Change

Ensure that your company adds to the sustainability of the green economy and be among the fore runner in driving corporate behaviour in showing welfare of our environment.

fast facts

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